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257 Lafayette Center

257 Lafayette Center

Close to everything, worlds apart.

Built in 1928, 257 Lafayette Center is a conversion of a historic school building into a mixed-use center & is a first in green design and city living in Buffalo. 257 Lafayette Center features loft living, an early childhood & daycare center, and professional incubator offices. The building is a state-of-the-art residential complex featuring:

  • 20 luxury loft apartments;
  • ADA accessible ground floor featuring a 5000-square-foot professional incubator office space and The Rose Garden Early Childhood Center.

Environmental benefits of 257 Lafayette:

  • Photovoltaic solar panel system to provide approximately 33% of the building’s electrical demand;
  • Energy Star rated building: 25% increase of energy performance above building code requirements;
  • Highly efficient radiant heating system;
  • Highly efficient electrical fixtures & Energy Star rated appliances;
  • Insulated building envelope and window restoration;
  • Recycling of construction waste material: 50% diversion from landfill;
  • Reuse and restoration of historic windows, doors, hardware, etc.;
  • Low-emitting construction materials for enhanced indoor air quality;
  • Daylight harvesting;
  • Rainwater collection and bio-retention System, to collect and purify parking lot runoff water to irrigate native plant rain garden;

Development Location

257 Lafayette Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14213
United States

Available Units
257 Lafayette, 203

257 Lafayette, 203

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North Buffalo, Elmwood Village, Hamlin Park, and South Buffalo:

The city’s vital traditional neighborhoods are the place to be. With over 200 apartments, we leave a place where those who love city living will feel at home.

Walkable, bicycle-friendly neighborhoods provide old world charm as well as shopping and entertainment opportunities. There is something here for everybody: singles, couples, seniors, and children.

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