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1685 Hertel, B101

1685 Hertel, B101


360sq ft    1    1.0

The apartment features sophisticated design, with an open living, dining, kitchen area, as well as high ceilings with large window openings. Stainless steel appliances are included. The central heating/ventilation/cooling system is high-efficiency, with individual gas & electric metering. High-speed Internet and Cable is provided.

Unit Type:
  • Appliances, Stainless Steel
  • Carpet in Bedrooms
  • Central Air Conditioning, High-Efficiency
  • Gas & Electric Metering, Individual
  • Hardwood Floors in Living, Dining, Kitchen
  • High-Speed Internet, Included
  • Open living, dining, kitchen areas
  • Tile Floor in Bathrooms
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1685 Hertel, A101

1685 Hertel, A101


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North Buffalo, Elmwood Village, Hamlin Park, and South Buffalo:

The city’s vital traditional neighborhoods are the place to be. With over 200 apartments, we leave a place where those who love city living will feel at home.

Walkable, bicycle-friendly neighborhoods provide old world charm as well as shopping and entertainment opportunities. There is something here for everybody: singles, couples, seniors, and children.

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